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Thousands of children attended our events to celebrate World Book Day!

Thursday 7th March was World Book Day, and we celebrated the joy of books and reading with two very special events for primary school children. Find out more about what happened, and link to the event recordings here!

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We love poetry at The Children's Bookshow. Enjoy listening to Valerie Bloom talk about how poetry makes her feel.

Michael Rosen, patron of The Children’s Bookshow

The Children's Bookshow takes children's authors to meet tens of thousands of children, introducing the children to how and why writers write, illustrators illustrate. They give children insights into how they too can transform thoughts and feelings into words and pictures. This is not simply a matter of it being enjoyable, it's a necessary part of what we understand by the word 'education'.

Michael Rosen, patron of The Children’s Bookshow

This year The Children's Bookshow will give over 7000 children participating in our programme a free, signed copy of the author's book to take home, thanks to the generous support of Unwin Charitable Trust.

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