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Gijs van der Hammen & Hanneke Siemensma Performance

Join Dutch author Gijs van de Hammen and illustrator Hanneke Seimensma and find out how they created their picture book Little Wise Wolf. This is a wonderful story about a little wolf who realises he is not quite as wise as he thinks he is and after a long and difficult journey, he comes to understand the true value of friendship.

Gijs and Hanneke will talk about how they created this story and Hanneke will show the children her creative process, starting with raw charcoal drawing through to colouring in photoshop to get the final finished book. Hanneke will draw live on stage and talk about the techniques she uses to create her pictures. With readings from the book and the chance to see the illustrations on a large screen as they listen to the story, as well as plenty of opportunity to ask questions, this morning promises to inspire children with a love of reading and drawing.

Special Offer! Every child attending this performance will get a free copy of Little Wise Wolf (RRP £11.99) to take home and keep!

Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL
Thursday, 7th November 2019
10:30 am
Approx. 1 hour
Age range:
Years 2 and 3
£5 per child, teachers FREE

Gijs van der Hammen

Gijs van der Hammen was born in The Netherlands in 1974. He studied Dutch literature at the University of Amsterdam. Now Gijs writes both stories and poems for children and he also develops websites. Little Wise Wolf, published by Book Island, is his first book published in the UK. It’s a wonderful story about how a little wolf, engrossed in learning, slowly comes to realise that the world outside his books is just as important as the world in his books.

Praise for Little Wise Wolf

An original book, brilliant for those who enjoy stories about a journey - Little Wise Wolf undertakes a journey both physically and morally and needs a little help from his friends for both parts. We loved the unfolding of the plot, the muted colours of the illustrations that span each double-page spread and the intriguing journey maps in the endpapers.

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Hanneke Siemensma

Hanneke Siemensma studied Dutch literature in Amsterdam and then Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She is now addicted to the smell and feel of paint, brushes, charcoal and paper, and has a weakness for patterns and old photos.

Praise for Little Wise Wolf

There are some wonderful spreads created by Hanneke Siemensma that depict the time and distances travelled. Little Wolf’s journey really feels epic and there are some impressive techniques used by the illustrator to set this scene. Liquid light shines out from the pages that are covered in a rich purple black. You can almost taste the ink on the pages. This work for me conjures up the spirit of Brian Wildsmith with its radiant and meticulous compositions including touches of primary colours.

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We feel it is so beneficial for our children to have the opportunity to meet authors and to hear them talk about their work. The children themselves are so enthusiastic about reading after these events that we feel they are an invaluable contribution towards our children becoming both skilled readers and lovers of reading.

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