Hanneke Siemensma

Hanneke Siemensma studied Dutch literature in Amsterdam and then Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She is now addicted to the smell and feel of paint, brushes, charcoal and paper, and has a weakness for patterns and old photos.

Praise for Little Wise Wolf

There are some wonderful spreads created by Hanneke Siemensma that depict the time and distances travelled. Little Wolf’s journey really feels epic and there are some impressive techniques used by the illustrator to set this scene. Liquid light shines out from the pages that are covered in a rich purple black. You can almost taste the ink on the pages. This work for me conjures up the spirit of Brian Wildsmith with its radiant and meticulous compositions including touches of primary colours.

The Association of Illustrators

Did you know…

  • Hanneke Seimensma met her partner, Gijs van der Hammen, when they were both studying Dutch literature in Amsterdam. They both share a passion for stories and pictures.

  • Hanneke lives with Gijs in Haarlem in Holland. They have two children and live in a nice house, but they don't have a cat!

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