Sam Usher

Sam Usher grew up in Hungerford, Berkshire and now lives in Somerset. Even though he forgot to do all of his school work, and hid in the music and art blocks, Sam ended up going to university in Bristol where he studied illustration.

His long running series about a boy and his grandfather have sold half a million copies around the world. Before he lived in Somerset, Sam lived in London with a man who was 90 years old – the inspirations for the Grandad books. In between book projects Sam enjoys riding his motorcycle to Italy, where he visits schools and bookshops, and eats an ice cream everyday.

Sam uses watercolours, gouache, Indian ink and old victorian pens to make his work, but he doesn’t own a rubber! He thinks making mistakes is just as good as getting things right.

Praise for Free

Opening itself up to myriad conversations and interpretations, Free is fabulous.

Kirkus Reviews

Did you know…

  • Sam loves parrots and one day would like to have a giant greenhouse with a flock of colourful macaws who sing Mozart operas.

  • Sam plays the piano everyday, which is why he lives in the countryside where no one can hear him.

  • Before he was a world famous illustrator, Sam sold cheese on his stall at Borough Market in London.

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