Roger McGough

Roger McGough is one of the most well-liked and distinctive poets in the UK. His poetry is imaginative and full of wit and wisdom, word play, puns and observations on life. He was born in Liverpool, a contemporary of The Beatles and worked as a teacher by day and a poet by night before becoming a member of The Scaffold, and Lily the Pink and Thank U Very Much fame. Roger was one of the Liverpool Poets along with Adrian Henri and Brian Patten.

As well as being an award winning poet, Roger is also a playwright and broadcaster. He has written over 60 poetry books and collections and also writes and presents for BBC Radio programmes such as Poetry Please and Home Truths. His unique children’s poetry books include; Poetry Pie, All the Best, The Ring of Words, The Bee’s Knees and Bad, Bad Cats.

He lives in London with his family.

  • Cholmondeley Award
  • Signal Poetry Award

Praise for Roger McGough

A witty and ingenious chronicler of British life with a deftness and agility that is hard to beat

Poetry Society

Did you know…

  • He has twice won the Signal Poetry Award and is honorary president of the Poetry Society.

  • When he appeared on BBC Radio’s Desert Island Discs his choice of luxury was a black cab (Roger doesn’t drive).

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