Neal Layton

Neal was born and raised in Chichester, West Sussex but has since lived in Newcastle, Brighton, London, Slough and Glasgow.

While he was growing up he spent much of his time playing in the dirt, making homemade catapults and drawing pictures. Although gaining a place to study science at University, he went to Art College instead studying, BA Graphic Design at Newcastle, and MA Illustration at Central Saint Martins.

His studio is a room in his house where he can make a mess. The walls are covered with pictures, drawings, scribbles, badges, photos, posters, packaging and anything else that he finds inspiring.

He uses all sorts of different media to make his illustrations: pencils, paint, pens, ink, pieces of collage, biros, photocopiers, cameras, a computer, bits of stick, old toothbrushes, dough, hair, leaves, anything that comes to hand…

He likes his illustrations to appear as fresh and spontaneous as possible.

You can read an article in The Guardian about how Neal made his latest picture book The Tree here.

  • SLA Information Book Award Winner 2014
  • Bronze Smarties Award 2004
  • Gold Smarties Award 2006

In Praise of The Tree

“Just 51 words elevate our thinking and leave us with a sense of hope.”

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Did you know…

  • Neal now lives in the Isle of Wight with his family. He likes living by the seaside.

  • As a child he always wanted to be an astronaut and he still wonders what it would be like to stand on the moon and look back at Earth.

  • Neal loves riding his skateboard and owns five.

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