Send a hug in an envelope

In Marta’s story, My Grandpa, Grandpa feels unhappy when he is alone, until his grandchild visits him, which cheers him up, especially when he gets a hug.

During the Lockdown, we understand how difficult it is to not be able to see or hug loved ones such as grandparents, and we know that they really miss seeing and hugging us too! We hope that life will soon return to normal but, in the meantime, send a hug in an envelope to someone you love, and brighten their day!

**You will need:**

2 A4 sheets of card or paper – any colour
An envelope
A pencil

Step 1
Take one sheet of paper/card and fold the two edges inwards, so they meet in the middle.

Step 2
Take the other sheet and fold it in half. Place your hand on the paper and draw around it.

Step 3
With the paper still folded, cut around the outline of your hand. You should now have two paper hands.

Step 4
Open the folded card and stick one hand on each side. Draw yourself in the middle (or use a photograph), then draw really long arms to join up to the paper hands.

Finally, write a special message or poem to accompany your hug.

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