Jörg Mühle

Born in 1973, Jörg studied at the Hochschule fur Gestaltung Offenbach am Main and the prestigious Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and he has been an author and freelance illustrator since 2000. He is a member of the Labor Ateliergemeinschaft, a studio collective of illustrators, writers and graphic designers.

He’s produced as both author and illustrator three delightful books for toddlers, Poor Little Rabbit, Bathtime for Little Rabbit and Tickle My Ears, the last of which over 60,000 copies have been sold in Germany, and all of which are published in
English by Gecko Press.

Most recently, Gecko Press published his Two For Me, One For You, a very funny picture book in which two friends share three mushrooms…
Mühle concludes the conflict with a profound joke…not a solution. Poor parents!” Sachsische Zeitung.

For writer and director Ulrich Hub’s hilarious story for slightly older children Meet at the Ark at Eight (Pushkin Children’s Books), Jörg’s created hilarious drawings of the five main characters: three penguins, a plump harassed dove and a beautiful butterfly (who may or may not get done in…) It’s an unmissable delight.

Jörg has one daughter and lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

You can see Jörg's funny contribution to our What Makes You Smile? project here.

  • Winner of Children’s Literature Award 2008

Praise for Tickle My Ears

Loved Tickle My Ears. Such a gorgeous little book.

Meg Rosoff

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