Dawn Casey

Dawn Casey draws inspiration for her books from her deep love of nature, her delight in the wonder of the world and her respect for tales of old. She has a particular specialism in the retelling of folk tales.

Previously a primary school teacher, Dawn’s books include The Great Race, A Lullaby for Little One, More, More, More! and Held in Love. Her collection The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales won the Gold Nautilus Award for books that ‘support conscious living, green values, spiritual growth and positive social change.’ Dawn lives with her family, on the South Downs of Sussex. Although a grown up, Dawn still believes in magic.

Dawn took part in the 2004 Children’s Bookshow.

  • Gold Nautilus Award

Did you know…

  • When Dawn isn't writing, one of her favourite things to do is knitting! Dawn loves the softness of wool, and the soothing meditative rhythm of knitting.

  • Dawn believes strongly that it is important that adults and children understand the connections between our daily lives and nature, so that we can make conscious choices about the things we buy and eat.

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Listen to Dawn read her book Spin a Scarf of Sunshine