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Michael Rosen Performance

We are delighted to welcome Michael Rosen to the Shaw Theatre in London.

As one of our finest childrenʼs poets and authors, the fifth Childrenʼs Laureate, and a passionate advocate of childrenʼs reading, Michael needs no introduction. His poetry performances have delighted audiences at The Childrenʼs Bookshow for many years with their humour, wit and verve. Join us for an exhilarating hour of poetry in performance.

Extra performance at 2pm!

FREE copy of *Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy* for every child attending this performance! cover

FREE copy of Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy for every child attending this performance!

Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Road, London NW1 2AJ
Friday 1st October
10:30 am
Approx. 1 hour
Age range:
years 3, 4, 5 and 6
£6 per child, teachers FREE

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen wrote his first poems when he was twelve, and he has been writing ever since. He loves words, and especially loves talking to children and adults about how we can play with them. He has written many poetry and books for children and adults alike.

One of our most popular writers - the champion for every bored, overdrilled, tested-to-tears pupil in the land

The Times


Why don't you have a go at writing your own poem? Michael Rosen gives some advice on how to get started.

Don't Tell Your Mother

No Breathing!

EVERY child attending will receive a FREE book to take home and keep

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Free Workshops!

The Children’s Bookshow will allocate four free in-classroom workshops with poet Rachel Rooney to schools attending this performance with 30 or more children. Book tickets for this event to have a chance of being chosen to receive this fantastic opportunity.

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Michael was fantastic. Such an entertainer but also so inspiring for the whole audience today. We were particularly thrilled to see the reactions of some of our 'harder to reach' pupils who were joining in with the repeated phrases in the storytelling.

As the school literacy & communication leader it has really helped me to think creatively about how we can be supporting our pupils more with developing their oral storytelling and performance skills.

Everyone was thrilled with their book to take home too

Teacher, Foreland Fields Primary School, Margate

The details

  • Please arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes before the start of the performance, so that you have enough time to find your seats and and use the bathroom. Our start times are strictly governed by the theatres that we work with and by the start and end times of the school day. If you are unavoidably delayed, please get in touch with your Children’s Bookshow contact as soon as possible.
  • Depending on the time of the performance, you may want your children to bring a packed lunch. (Please contact the theatre directly to check if there is a suitable space.)
  • Parking facilities vary from theatre to theatre; please check the theatre website for details.
  • Please contact the theatre directly for risk assessment information.
  • Please ensure your children have visited the bathroom before the show starts, or ask them to wait until after the performance ends. A constant stream of children getting up to go to the toilet is very distracting for our performers and other members of the audience.

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Liz Neville

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