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Kathrin Rohmann Performance

Kathrin Rohmann from Germany, will be talking to her translator Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp about her moving and thought provoking novel Apple Cake and Baklava. Leila is the new girl in Max's class in rural Germany, and they soon become close friends. She has fled Syria with her family, having left her grandmother and father behind.

This event will explore the main themes of the book; friendship, loss, our fierce sense of home, and the acceptance that a new life is possible. Children will have the chance to ask questions as well as exploring the process of translating stories from one language to another.

Supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in London and the Stephen Spender Trust

FREE copy of *Apple Cake and Baklava* for every child attending this performance! cover

FREE copy of Apple Cake and Baklava for every child attending this performance!

The Stables, Stockwell Lane, Wavendon, Milton Keynes, MK17 8LU
Friday 5th November
11:00 am
Approx. 1 hour
Age range:
Year 5 and 6
£6 per child, teachers FREE

Kathrin Rohmann

Kathrin Rohmann loved stories by Astrid Lindgren when she was growing up, and it was her ambition that she would write books for children one day. Kathrin grew up in a small flat with only a bird in a cage but she loved animals and so she took an apprenticeship on a farm and studied to become an agricultural engineer. Only when she was a mother herself did she start to write stories, using her own life experiences as inspiration.

Praise for Apple Cake and Baklava

Apple Cake and Baklava sensitively depicts the heartache of a youngster desperately missing her beloved grandmother and her home... this book deserves to be in primary schools throughout the UK and, indeed, the rest of Europe. It could hardly be more timely, or more urgent.

European Literature Network

Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp is a British literary translator working from German, Russian and Arabic into English. She mainly translates children’s books, adult fiction and literary fiction, with a particular interest in history and nature. Ruth is a passionate advocate of translated literary fiction and international children’s fiction.

EVERY child attending will receive a FREE book to take home and keep

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We feel it is so beneficial for our children to have the opportunity to meet authors and to hear them talk about their work. The children themselves are so enthusiastic about reading after these events that we feel they are an invaluable contribution towards our children becoming both skilled readers and lovers of reading.

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