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Neal Layton Performance

How did it go?

Neal Layton started his performance by saying a personal hello to each of the 8 schools attending his Bookshow event at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre - which the children and teachers loved! The enjoyment continued as Neal talked about illustrating John Hegley’s brilliant story Stanley’s Stick, and showed the children live how he makes a simple collage picture. He described the process of writing and illustrating his wonderful book The Tree in accessible, fun language. His performance was wonderfully varied - with lots to look at and listen to, and plenty of audience participation.

What people said:

My son has not stopped talking about you since Wednesday. He loved you going into his class yesterday and we have read the book you gave 6 times already. For a little boy struggling to grasp reading and struggling to enjoy learning because of his low self belief he sure has been eager to learn more about you and your books. So from me to you thank you for making our boy smile and have huge excitement over reading a book!!! The littlest things make a huge difference.

From a parent to Neal Layton via Twitter after the Children’s Bookshow performance and workshop

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The Stafford Gatehouse, Stafford, ST16 2LT
Wednesday, 26th September 2018
10:30 am
Approx. 1 hour
Age range:
1, 2 and 3

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Neal Layton

Neal was born and raised in Chichester, West Sussex and whilst growing up spent much of his time playing in the dirt, making homemade catapults and drawing pictures. Although gaining a place to study science at University, he went to Art College instead studying BA Graphic Design at Newcastle, and MA Illustration at Central Saint Martins. His latest picture book The Tree was published by Walker Books in 2016.

In Praise of The Tree

“Just 51 words elevate our thinking and leave us with a sense of hope.”

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