How to book

Marian Keen-Downs

Get in touch

You need to get in touch with a member of Children’s Bookshow staff to book tickets for a performance. Your contact for this event is Marian Keen-Downs, just drop her an email on:

Or call her on:

07572 825704

To save you time

Booking tickets is easy, but the process will be even quicker and easier if you ensure you have the following information to hand when you call, or include in your email:

  • Name of your school
  • Number of children
  • Number of accompanying adults
  • Year group of children attending
  • Will there be any children with special access needs attending?
  • Name and email address of lead teacher
  • Name and email address of best person to send invoice to

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What happens next?

Once we have received your information, we will send you a booking form including details of your booking and terms and conditions. You need to read, check, sign and return this form by email.

Your seats are confirmed only once your signed form has been received by The Children’s Bookshow. We will send you two free books that can be used as a classroom resource.

Paying for your event

You will receive an invoice either from the theatre or The Children’s Bookshow at the beginning of the Autumn term. Payment must be cleared before the day of the performance.

What if you can’t attend?

By signing a booking form a contract is made between the School and The Children’s Bookshow.

Any school cancelling a booking within 8 weeks of the performance date will be liable to pay for their reserved tickets in full.

It is understood and accepted that class sizes may vary slightly between the date the booking is made and the date of the performance. However, any school making a reduction of over 10% to the original number of seats booked within 8 weeks of the performance date will be liable to pay for the tickets in full.

Please get in touch with Marian as soon as possible if you can't attend.

07572 825704