Make a Stormy Sea Collage

‘One night, a great storm had raged about their house’.

What happens during a storm? What would the sea have looked like during the storm? Which colours would you see in a stormy sky and sea? Look again at the title page of The Storm Whale which shows the stormy sea. How is this different from the illustration which shows the morning after the storm?

How to create a Stormy Sea Collage

You Will Need:
Different shades of blue and grey paper
Plain A4 paper
Black paper or a black crayon/felt tip

  1. Use paint to mix different shades of blue and grey and paint these onto 3 sheets of plain paper. Use a wide brush and paint in wavy lines to create a textured finish.

If you don’t have any paint, you could collect different shades of blue and grey paper from around the house: magazines, food packaging, wrapping paper, craft paper etc.

  1. When the paint is dry, tear the coloured paper into long, wavy strips. The tears should leave a white jagged edge which will be the crests of the waves.
  1. Stick these in layers onto the grey piece of paper to create the stormy waves, leaving a gap at the top for the grey sky.

  2. Finally, draw and cut out a little whale silhouette (like those on the end papers of the books). Stick the little lost whale to the stormy sea. Tuck its head just behind a wave so it looks like he is swimming.

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