Victoria Semykina Workshop

The Children’s Bookshow allocates four free workshops for schools who attend a related theatre performance. Each child participating receives a free book to take home and keep.

In this fun, hands on workshop the children will create a group masterpiece with Victoria. Working together they will first create a painting of the sea. Each child's abstract brush strokes will be transformed into collaged waves. Then as a group they will draw a large ship with many cabin portholes in which each child can draw anything he wants - his parents, pets, friends or himself!

Suitable for:
Years 2 and 3

The emphasis on translated literature… demonstrates in part the organisation’s commitment to programming work that reflects and celebrates multi-culturalism and seeks to connect audiences to the experiences of different cultures…

Arts Council Artistic assessment of The Children's Bookshow

What you need to know

Length of workshop:
Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
Location of workshop:
We will come to your school
Number of children:
Workshops are for a class of 30 children
Suitable for:
Years 2 and 3

Please note, a teacher must be present throughout the workshop

Materials needed

  • Flipchart or whiteboard
  • Pens and paper for the children
  • Paints and paint brushes for the children
  • Scissors
  • Glue
The Real Boat cover

Each child attending a workshop will receive a FREE copy of The Real Boat to take home and keep!

About Victoria Semykina

Photo of Victoria Semykina

Victoria Semykina was born in Moscow where she studied painting for six years at the Art Academy. She is fond of travelling around the world and is currently living in sunny Bologna, Italy (where she has graduated from Bologna Academy of Arts).

More about Victoria Semykina

On the day

  • Please inform your school receptionist that our artist will be arriving so they can be welcomed warmly.
  • A teacher must be present throughout the workshop.
  • Make sure that all the materials that our artist has requested are ready and available.
  • Please let us know if any of the children have particular requirements, and ensure that their normal carer is present.
  • Check that the free books accompanying the workshop have arrived. These books are for the children to take home and keep, and they may like to ask nicely for them to be signed.
  • The offer of a cup of tea is often greatly appreciated!

Have any questions? Get in touch

Jo Daley

Your contact for this performance is Jo Daley, she will be happy to answer any queries you have:

07769 216493