Workshop with Fabio Geda

Fabio Geda

We are our memories. Using this statement as a spring-board to writing creatively Fabio Geda will talk to the class about memory and explain the work that he did with Enaiatollah Akbari to piece together his incredible story.

Fabio will ask the children to compile a list of their own personal memories and using various writing exercises he will lead them towards producing their own piece of writing.

Children taking part in this session need to read In The Sea There Are Crocodiles in advance and copies will be provided as a free gift to each child.

In The Sea There Are CrocodilesMaterials needed:

  • A flipchart or whiteboard plus a selection of whiteboard pens for Fabio to use
  • Colouring pencils and pens for all children 

  • A4 sheets of paper for all children 

Workshop details:

Suitable for children in Years 5 , 6 and 7
Maximum numbers: 30 children 
Length of workshop: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Please note that a class teacher should be present throughout the workshop

Free Gift

Children that attend a workshop will receive a FREE copy of In The Sea There Are Crocodiles by Fabio Geda to take home with them.

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