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Thursday 2 November | Time: 10.30am

Running time: Approximately 1 hour
Suitable for children in Years 5 and 6
Tickets: Children £5 Accompanying teachers FREE

Secret Tales from WalesDaniel Morden has travelled all over the world as a professional storyteller, bringing to life the stories and tales that have helped us make sense of our world through the ages. His new collection of traditional stories, Secret Tales from Wales, are tales of enchantment, mystery and danger, where ordinary people triumph through their own bravery and native wit. Join us for a morning of riveting storytelling by one of the Bookshow’s best-loved performers.

“Have you ever played Chinese Whispers?... The stories in this book don’t belong to me. I’m just one of the whisperers. I don’t know who started the game. I know that it began long ago, when birds would make their nests in old men’s beards. I don’t know if anything of the original whisper has survived. I do know that people don’t remember boring stories.”
Daniel Morden, Weird Tales from the Storyteller

“Gruesome, fantastical, and hypnotic, Morden’s stories show why the fairy world will never lose its power over our imaginations.”
The Times

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